Club Legends

Honour Board - Life Members


ROCFC Life Member status is awarded to those who have provided the club with outstanding service over a period of not less than five years.

To date the ROCFC is proud to have the following 16 life members:

  • Frank Wolff Snr.*
  • Brendan Bowler
  • Michael Abbot
  • David Clancey
  • Trevor Basso
  • Greg Basso
  • Michael Murphy
  • Br. John Moylan
  • Brian Carey
  • Pat Bowler
  • Glen Bowes
  • Andrew Robertson
  • Stephen Harby
  • Brian Clancey
  • Simon Emanuele
  • Reonaldo Cialini
  • Vicki Lines
  • Dean Lord

* Denotes deceased.

All requests for a person to be nominated for Life Membership must be in written form and handed to the Secretary at least one month prior to the next Annual General Meeting. The nomination should include a service record and a list of club achievements attained by the nominee. Once received the Committee of Management will consider the nomination on its merits and if deemed worthy, they will submit it to an Annual General Meeting for voting by the members.