Club Legends

Game Record Holders


To date we now have 2 player reach the magical 300 club, Simon Emanuele and Brian 'BC' Carey. 29 players have reached the 200 Club or greater, Paul 'Bocka' Bowler being the 1st Roc’s Player to play 200 games. 48 Players have reached the 150 games and 93 Players have played over 100 games.

A complete list of the 1408 players who have donned the ROCS Guernsey between 1974 up until end of season 2019 can be found in the player game statistics section. Over the last few years we have found over 350 additional records and updated accordingly. Particularly pleasing was finding the 1974-79 player lists, complete with games played. We have also located team sheets from the Grand Final Sides for both the A & B's in 1974.

Game records have been compiled by our club historian, Reonaldo Cialini. For editing or omissions please click here for contact information.



Name Games
EMANUELE, Simon 349
CAREY, Brian 300
LITSTER, Drew 287
NORRIS, Paul 280
HADDAD, Matt 272
MEDHURST, Anthony 268
SULLIVAN, Tony 266
MOSEL, Leigh 261
CLANCEY, Brian 254
FRANZON, Tony 245
BURNS, Martin 237
ROBERTS, Mark 237
BAZZICA, Matthew 220
CAREY, David 220
ARNFIELD, Paul 219
BOWLER, Paul 219
SAUER, Matt 215
BASSO, Greg 214
PAECH, Anthony 212
BASSO, Trevor 211
WALSH, Joe 210
PAHL, Chris 209
TRIMBOLI, Marcus 209
BOWLER, Patrick 208
BROWNE, Greg 205
GUIDERA, Tim 205
PETERS, Craig 200
POTTER, Jamie 200